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Dealer Registration 2016
The Westport Antiques Show is for dealers with quality antiques, nostalia, vintage items and collectibles. It is not a craft show or flea market.
To register for the show please complete the application form below.
Applicants will be sent a contract via mail or email, which is to be reviewed, signed and returned.
Applicant Name:
eMail Address:
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Setup will be Friday, June 3rd from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm and Saturday, June 4th from 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

The show is open Saturday, June 4th from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and Sunday, June 5th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

All booths are 10’ deep by 14’ or 21’ wide.

All booths have electricity but are limited to 500 watts.
Please bring your own extension cords and power bars.

Security will be provided during setup and non show hours.

I will require:

NOTE: Due to increased costs Chairs are now $2.00 each to rent.
Feel free to bring your own Chairs.

Please check if you require show flyers.

Please submit your application and remit your Rental Deposit of $100.00 by March 25th 2016 to the following address:

2079 E Carp Road
Carp, Ontario
K0A 1L0
NOTE: The balance of your Booth Fees must be sumbitted by April 25th 2016.

Make cheques payable to XANADU / Canadian Antique Fairs

Our Phone Numbers: (613) 795-9676 or (613) 791-2272
Our eMail Address: CanadianAntiquefairs@gmail.com

Comments and/or Questions:

Thank you for considering the Westport Antiques Show